It is our sincere hope that your visit is a pleasant one. We are a non-denominational, multi-cultural church whose vision is to reach our community with the good news of God’’s word and the power of the Holy Spirit. Here at the word in action, you can expect to be

  1. Loved.
  2. Ministered to.
  3. Taught the word of God.
  4. Encouraged to use your gifts to God’’s glory.
  5. A great witness unto the Lord.
  6. Taught to pray effectively.

Take time and get acquainted with us. God bless you and do not hesitate to come by and visit us in person. You will feel the warmth and love of God expressed in his children.

You will love it. See you soon



Church Services

SUNDAY: Sunday school:10:00-10:45am,

Call to worship: 10:45-11:00 am,

Praise and Worship: 11:00-11:45am,

Message and Ministration: 11:45-12:45pm

TUESDAY: School of Ministry: 7:30-9:00 pm

WEDNESDAY: Bible Study: 7:00PM

FRIDAY: Battle Axe (Prayer Service): 7:30pm

SATURDAY: Evangelism and Community

Outreach : 10:00am

Upcoming Events

International Festival

December 6th at 7 pm & 7th 10 am. Continue reading

The Feast of Miracles

November 2-4, 2012 Continue reading